Laparoscopic Cancer Surgery

Laparoscopic cancer surgery in this kind of cases we perform surgery through small incisions in the skin using a thin, lighted tube with a camera (LAPAROSCOPE).The camera helps us to see the affected areas keenly and with the help of monitor, we can see it in large manner than open surgery so that we use our instruments and remove the tissues or whole tumor which can harm the patient. Laparoscopic surgery may also be done with robotic assistance for some surgeries which has some complications. Laparoscopic surgery is used for the kidneys, a man’s prostate, or a woman’s uterus or ovaries.


  • Open procedures require cutting into muscle and bone, which is very painful and leads to a long recovery period, in this type patient get well in some days.
  • In laparoscopic cancer surgery, we require two to three incisions of about 2 inches each through patient abdomen or chest depends on the tumor affected areas.
  • We admit patients for only 2 – 5
  • They can walk and do their daily activities with less pain than open surgery.