Bariatric Surgery


It’s a new segment in the field of science and surgery it is a type of surgery in which obese people are treated with different procedures depending on their health issue.

Best bariatric surgery in Indore is only for obese people who want’s to reduce their body fat instantly. In this surgery weight loss is achieved by reducing the size of stomach with the help of gastric band and single sleeve incision technique. In this we make the small pouch of stomach and rerouting the small intestine and join it with this artificial pouch.

Apoorv Hi-Tech is one of the trustworthy bariatric surgery center in central India. It has done amazing work in the field of bariatric surgery like sleeve gastrectomy and gastric band surgery. Senior doctors have suggested that if a person is highly obese he should get the bariatric surgery done. Obese people suffer more problems with extra weight like a backache, diabetes and joint pain also. So we reroute their digestive track which helps him to take short meals which completely satisfies their empty stomach.

Dr Apoorv Shrivastava is our senior surgeon and has done so much successful bariatric surgery in Indore and many other cities. And many patients of him are living easy and healthy life after bariatric surgery. He says if you are living a routine and proper lifestyle with balanced diet after bariatric surgery you would get result soon and for the long duration of time.

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