Laparoscopic Surgery


Laparoscopic Surgery is a safe and effective surgery and has gained much popularity worldwide. This procedure is performed by only 3-4 small holes over the abdomen. In this surgical procedure a reduction in the size of the stomach is done, where with the help of staplers we reduce the stomach size to about 30 to 40 ml capacity.

This causes the change in the hunger hormone known as GHRELIN. This hormone is responsible for the feeling of fullness after meals also called as Satiety.
The feeling of hunger is reduced and the quantity of the diet reduces as well. There also occurs an increase in the in-sulin levels resulting in Type2 Diabetes resolution.
There are very fewer chances of serious complications and death as compared to Gastric Bypass.
There are also fewer chances of essential vitamins and mineral deficiencies as compared to Gastric Bypass. This procedure causes T2DM resolution with cure of high blood pressure.
The total hospital stay is 3 days after the surgery. After discharge from the hospital, there is no bed rest and the patient can resume his or her routine duties.
We encourage daily walking up to a kilometer after discharge from the hospital.

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